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Boraati" Ethiopia neck support (N° 21518)

African headrests come in an almost infinite variety: this type of African headrest, at the same time a stool, has a dark glossy patina. This massive block with a gently curved oval top was probably made by the Sidama or Gurage people of southern and southwestern Ethiopia. The latter are among the eighty ethnic groups in Ethiopia who produced various neck rests for individual use called yagerteras, or "pillows of my country" or "Boraati" ("tomorrow you").
Slight cracks.
Over time, the realization becoming more complex until becoming real small masterpieces of sculpture, they also became individual objects of prestige and power, placed on family or collective altars. These objects were initially intended to protect the elaborate hairstyles of their owner (man or woman) during the night. But among the Turkana for example, it is the emblem of the tenderness of the fiancé for his bride, a pledge of union in the same way as an engagement ring.  

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OriginEx-collection néerlandaise
Height cm17
Depth16 cm
Width9 cm
Weight0.65 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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